Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is any one else having issues uploading pictures???

Cause I really am.

Blogger's server keeps "rejecting" my images.


I'll post my tute and features post as soon as I can get the images to load.

Cross your fingers that it's soon!


  1. I was having issues earlier on Firefox. It wasn't rejecting my images but just wasn't loading them properly, which had never been an issue before. When I switched to Internet Explorer it ended up working.

  2. is your blogger picasa album full?? that might be causing it....

  3. I used to have issues so now I use Windows live Writter. It is amazing! My pictures download fast and I've never had a problem. Oh and the program is free!

  4. try deleting the cookies in you computer. when mine gets overloaded with junk this happens. I also use Firefox, less issues here. If nothing works then I upload to picasa first, then do the upload from picasa in blogger. good luck!

  5. Yes, I too have had some trouble with picture uploads. And terrible problems with blogger updating my blog roll!!


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