Friday, December 31, 2010

Shh!! A Custom Hat and Baby Gift Plan

I have a good Friend that has ordered 2 custom hats for her little miracle baby due in February. I just had to show you guys how PRETTY this yarn is! This hat is not quite finished; it is getting a big pom on top. :)

The yarn is a silk/bamboo blend and is so. soft.  My friend didn't want the typical, stocking net hat they normally put on newborns right after they are born.  So, she asked me to make a nice soft one and this is the result.  She has also asked for a monkey hat to fend off the CRAZY cold weather here.  (My animal hats are SUPER warm.) 

I am LOVING the colors and I hope she does too.  Really these pictures hardly to the yarn justice.  Seriously.  Now, Heidi, if you are reading this, STOP NOW.  If you keep going, you are going to spoil your surprise for next week. 

This hat has inspired me.  I plan to make her a SUPER soft blanket out of this fabric (and no, this is not a mistake, I know I showed you this pic yesterday, but I got more of the brown snuggly fabric and am making the main part of the blanket with it.  Just ignore the star fabric and buttons.)

I am going to get some silky fabric to match the turquoise/sapphire of the hat to edge it with.  Then I'm going to make a take-me-home outfit to match.  I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to show you guys the finished project!  It's gonna be SO pretty.  Of course, she is having a boy though, so I guess I should call the outfit handsome. ;) 

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Work in Progress

So, I'm working on a new coat for Eme.  This is a just a muslin.  I have A LOT more work to do before I'll be ready to cut the real fabric.

I think I'm going to switch to a traditional sleeve or possibly a raglan sleeve... I haven't which decided yet.  And I plan to add a hoodie.  Want to see the pretty fabric *cough* I mean handsome fabric that I picked for the final piece? :)

The snuggly brown is for the lining.

The star fabric will be the main fabric.

And aren't the star buttons sweet?

I've got some work to do before it'll be ready to show off, but, if I can get it to what I see in my head, it's gonna be CUTE!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tute {Yourself} Tuesday # 1

Ok!  Now that I have tuted,  it's your turn to toot (you know, like your own horn?)  What have you been up to? 

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Sweet Crocheted Bow Clip Tutorial and Free Pattern

Hey all!  I hope that your Christmas was WONDERFUL!! 

If you read last week's Li'l Miss Bunny Tutorial all the way to the end (yeah, it was pretty long), you would have read that I was thinking about making Tuesday, Tute Tuesday.  Well, I've thought and today is officially Tute Tuesday!!  YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!(Shakes arms above head Kermit style.)

Today I have a sweet little crocheted bow clip for you.  I've been busy making a bunch in lots of different colors.  If you don't really crochet but have always wanted to or you crochet just a little, that's ok, this is THE EASIEST pattern ever.  Like, ever ever.  (But if you really don't know how, there are TONS of tutorials on YouTube.  Just search "crochet".  For this pattern all you need to know how to do is a chain, turning, and single crochet .)

*Note:  If you are a seasoned crocheter and would prefer a straight forward pattern scroll down to the bottom of the pictures.*

Sweet Little Bow Clip Pattern:
Row 1: Ch. 9 turn
Row 2: Starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each st across for 8 sc, ch 1 turn
Row 3: sc 8, ch 1 turn
Row 4: sc 8, tie off and weave in ends

Now, to make it a bow, you are going to take some of the same yarn you used to crochet your little rectangle (or a different yarn if you want a contrasting color; your choice) and wrap it around the center of your rectangle about 20 times fairly tightly.  Then tie it the ends of your yarn together on the back side of your bow.  Take a moment and fluff your bow while your hot glue gun is heating up (or you could plan ahead better then me and heat up your glue gun while you are crocheting your rectangle, but still fluff your bow.) ;)  Now glue your little bow on to your chosen clip.  I use little snap clips, but alligator clips would work just as well.  (Speaking of, does anyone know a good place to get alligator clips?  I've looked everywhere and am still empty handed. )

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...

(Sorry the picture is grainy.  I took it in the dark, sans flash; didn't want to wake the sleeping babe.)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blobby Rocker Monster Softie

I made this guy (gal?) last night while I was watching TV.  I think she (he?) turned out pretty cute.  I LOVE the movement in IT'S hair.  It is re-purposed from a bunch of scarves that I got from Old Navy for a buck last weekend.

This is the original sketch I drew that inspired the softie:

I know the sketch is REALLY rough people, so don't judge. ;) I really like the horns in the picture, but then as I was playing with fabrics the fringe was just calling out to be hair, so, the horns were ditched in favor of the crazy, rocker style hair.

I hand stitched her face, then pinned her all up inside out and machine sewed her body.  Then I stuffed her and hand sewed up the small hole I had left to turn and stuff her and TA-DA!!

A fun, SUPER soft (it's performance fleece as Old Navy calls it), crazy haired softie for my son to throw around.  Assuming the cats don't get to it first.  I swear my cats think that Eme's toys are really their toys.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pirates on the Poop Deck

Hahahaha!  I'm kinda loving my title, cause check out these pants!

Get it?!  Pirates on the POOP deck!  Cause I totally put a skull and crossbones on the bum of the pants.  Hahahaha!!  Yee-aahh.. I crack my self up!  It's possible I'm a bit of a freak.

Aaaannnyyyway.  I made these as a LONG over due baby gift for a good friend who's family (well really their three year) is OBSESSED with pirates.  So, (since I've been loving appliques so much) I decided to make (well, really re-make, cause the gift was so long over due that the first one I made was too small.  Yeah.  I'm an awesome friend like that.) As I was saying, I decided to make them a pirate centric gift.  It seemed only right. 

So I made the pants and the patch and was planning on getting a plain long sleeve onesie, but then found the beauty that is this:

A pirate onesie?!  Yes please!  (Thanks Old Navy!) It was the perfect finishing touch to this outfit.  I hope the Pirate Papa, Mama, Brother and Baby enjoy these as much as I enjoyed dreaming and making them up!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Remember Her? (A Free Pattern and Tutorial.)

Announcing the:

I received  a request for a tute for her, so I thought I'd have a go.

You will need:
The Lil' Miss Bunny Pattern  (Down load her here.)
2 complementary fabrics (I use corduroy and a light weight cotton.)
1 scrap fabric suitable for a tail (I use fleece.)
matching thread
sewing machine (You can hand sew her, but I use a machine.)
hand sewing needle
chop stick (or some other long thin object.)
embroidery floss in 2 colors ( I used navy for the eyes and pink for the nose.)

First print out your pattern and choose your fabrics.  The great thing is she really doesn't use a lot of fabric, I'll bet you could even make her with some larger scraps and make her all kinds of wild!)  But, if you want her to look similar to mine, cut out 2 body, 8 arm and leg and 2 ear piece in the same fabric; then in your contrasting fabric cut out 2 more ear pieces.

Here are all my pieces cut out.  (I fold the fabric in half and cut them out two at a time.)

Now it is time to embroider your bunny's face.  Cut out the eye and nose holes on your pattern, then put the pattern back on top of one body piece and use a disappearing ink fabric pen to draw yourself a guide for where to embroider.  Like this:

See?  Easy peasy.  Makes it a LOT easier to make sure her face is centered.

As soon as you have her face drawn on, get out your embroidery floss and sew over the drawn template.

Here is her face all done (sorry it's a touch grainy- it took me a bit, but I fixed it in the later pictures):

Now that her face is done, it's time to work on her arms, legs and ears.  Match together two two arm (or leg- they are interchangeable) pieces right sides together and sew with an 1/8" seam allowance around the pieces leaving the flat end open.

It will look like this when it's done:

Don't worry if your seam is not entirely perfect- mine's not and she still turns out super cute.. I say it gives character. ;)  Now do the same thing three more times 'til you have four arms/legs that look like this:

Now take your ear pieces and match one main color fabric with one contrasting fabric right sides together like this:

Sew, again using a 1/8" seam allowance around the edges also leaving the flat end open. Repeat with the other two ear pieces.  Once you have all your arm, leg and ear pieces, it's time to turn them right side out.  This is where I utilize the chop stick.  (You all thought I was crazy when you saw it in my you will need section huh?)  Pinch the ear piece in half; then stick the chop stick in the top and push the ear right side out


Chop sticking.

For the arms and leg pieces, I stick my finger in the end then stick the chop stick in the top and push it right side out.
Finger in.

Chop stick pushing right side out.

Now, take your ears and fold the open ends so that the two sides touch each other in the middle like this:

Then sew the end.  They will look like this when they're done:

Make sure and do both ears!

Now it's time to stuff the appendages.  Get a small amount of your batting.  (Hint: it is WAY easier to stuff several small pieces then one large piece, so go small.) 

Use your chop stick to stuff it all the way to the end.

Keep stuffing until it is mostly full.  I stuff the arms and legs pretty firmly but, make sure you leave about a half inch empty at the top like this:

You will need that space to sew them to the body.  Here are all four of mine ready to go:

Now it's time to figure out where you want to place your ears.  Mess round with them until you are happy with the look.  Here are a few options:




I dig the sideways look, so that's what I went with.  This next part is a bit tricky, so make sure you pin like crazy!! :)  Leave the ends of your ears where they are but flip them over so that they are face down over the face of the bunny.  Arrange them so that the line where you sewed them is at the edge of the head, like this:
See?  Face down, over the face, with the sewed line at the edge of the head.

Now it's time to make a bunny sandwich.  Match the back side of the body, right side down, on top of the ears, with the front side of the body.  Pin the ears in place first then pin the rest of the head all the way around. 

Ears  pinned.

Head pinned.  You'll notice I pinned a LOT.  The more you pin, the less chance of movement while you are sewing.  You can see that the body isn't exactly lined up at this point.  Don't worry, we'll fix that in the next step.  Right now, make sure that your bunny's head is lined up and that the tips of the ears are stuffed into the center of the head.  You don't want to accidentally sew them into the seam!!

Now move on to pinning the body and placing her arms.  Pin down a half inch on both sides of her neck then pins the arms in place in the same way that you pinned on the ears.  Like this:

Once you have one arm in add the other.  Yes, she's going to be rather stuffed.  As long as you keep pinning you won't have anything to worry about when it comes time to sew her, I promise!!

Keep pinning around her body, again, like the ears, making sure that her arms stay clear of your soon to be seam.

When you get to the point on her body that starts to curve around the bottom you will pin in her legs the same way that you pinned in her ears and arms.  Here she is all pinned and ready to be sewn.  See the little gap I left?  DON'T sew there!!  Leave the bottom space between the legs open so the you can turn her right side out.

Now, sew all the way around the body with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  You should take your pins out as you sew... but I never do.  Shame on me. ;o)

When you get to the neck, leave your needle down, lift your presser foot, turn your bunny so that her head is lined up again, put your presser foot back down and continue on your merry way until you have sewn her from leg to leg.  Then remove all your pins and get ready to turn her right side out!  You're almost done!!

Here she is all sewn up from leg to leg!!

To turn her right side out, reach in and grab a leg and pull it out.  It will be tight!  But I promise that it is doable.  Once you've got one leg out find the other one and pull it out too.  She'll look something like this:

She's giving birth to herself!! AHHHH!  haha.  Ok really, now find her arms and pull them out, then her ears...

Until........... POP!!! Here she is all right side out!

Now take your chop stick (handy little tool that chop stick huh?!) and push out the seam until she is flat and looks like a pancake bunny.   Like this:

Don't worry if she's not perfectly round or exactly symmetrical, it add character and gives life to your bunny.  Plus your little one will love her just the same, flaws and all.  (A life lesson for us perhaps?) :)

Now would be the best time to sew on your bunny's tail.  I forgot about it and waited til she was stuffed, making it harder (but still doable.)  To prepare your tail, take a very small amount of stuffing and roll it in a ball and put it in the wrong side of your fabric.

Then squish in the edges like this:

Hand stitch it so that it becomes a little ball like this:

The back side.

The front side.  See?  Little cotton tail. :)

Now trim off the excess fabric from the back.

Center the tail on the back of your bunny and hand sew the tail in place.

Now it's time to stuff her!!  I stuff her head pretty firmly and her body a little less firmly then her head. 


Again, your handy dandy chops stick will be a life saver here.  Use it to stuff the batting all the way up into her head.

Once she is all stuffed all you have to do it hand sew up the gap.  Tuck in the raw edges of you fabric and then sew along the edge using very small stitches so that they don't show.

Once you have sewn up the whole gap, you will have the issue of tying the end off.   I don't like to have a string hanging down, so I take the end of the string out a leg or out the side body.  That way you can hid the string.  Just pull it a little farther out, so that when you cut it it will pull back inside the bunny's leg, like this:

Snip off that string and you are done!!  She's ready to be loved and squeezed by your little one!

Despite how long this tutorial is, she only takes about an hour to an hour and a half for me to make.  Such a fun gift.  My little Eme LOVES his bunny.  I'm sure your little will too. :)

I'm thinking this will be the start of a new series for me that I'll be calling Tute Tuesdays! 

Enjoy your Lil' Miss Bunny!!! :)

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