Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Quilted Bear Booth! (And a shelf/candelabre re-do.)

 It's open!  It's open!  Ok, it's been open for like three weeks, but, I'm just now getting around to announcing it. :)  Things seem to be going well with it.  If you live in Utah, feel free to stop by the Ogden Quilted Bear to check it out in person.  My booth number is T-9.   

Here is a close up of the top.

 Lovely hat goodness.

Dino and Shrek hats.  Do you like the shelf and hat hook/candelabre?  Here's what they looked like before I re-did them:

Granted, not the best picture ever.  I was too excited to get started that I got side tracked from taking anymore pics.  Sorry!  I will say that I have discovered a new and SUPER fun hobby.  I'm working on some chairs and another shelf currently.  I have to say I really, RA-HEALLY love the way the candelabre (turned hat hook) turned out!  Notice how nasty it looked before and how pretty it is after.  Yup.  Super happy with the result!

Wish me luck on my next re-do (and with my booth!)

p.s.  If you are interested in a hat and can't get to my booth, I will happily make and send one directly to you home.  :)  I even make blankets and babymits to match!  Just email me at LittleEme@hotmail.com .

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  1. your booth looks amazing! love that red colour for the walls, it's perfect to make your beautiful pieces stand out!


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