Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A green sweater to purse re-fashion!

I am LOVING how it turned out!  I had originally planned to offer this in my shop, but I changed my mind.  This baby is my new purse/diaperbag.

Aren't the cables pretty?  And I didn't have to spend days making them.  Awesome.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy knitting/crocheting, but sometimes it's nice to bust something out in a naptime!  Which is about how long this took me.
I say about because it would have taken a naptime had I not broken three, yes, three needles.  Oy.
Can I just add that before this time I had never broken a needle.  Ever.  I was pretty annoyed.  But, in the end I won, the machine worked and the purse turned out exactly how I envisioned.  I love it when that happens.
Here's a pretty parting shot of the fabric I chose to line it with.  It was just something I had in my stash, but it was perfect. :)

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  1. so pretty! it turned out fabulously!!!

  2. I love your purse! I love the color you used too. I wish I could make one of these!

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites! Hope you'll link up again next week. Also, please stop by this Thursday for my Christmas Recipe Party!

  3. Hello! I found you at Life as Lori and I am loving your blog! I wanted to invite you to enter my $30 CSN giveaway going on this week! Keep up the great blogging and happy holidays!


  4. I love this cute purse. Found your link through craftaholics. I will look around to see if you have any tutorials, would love to learn how to make some of this stuff! Thanks!!

  5. LOVE it! Trying to think if I have any sweaters in need of recycling... I definitely want to give this one a try!

  6. This looks amazing!! I wish I could sew :)


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