Friday, March 18, 2011

Hooray for Spring!! Green Ruffle Skirt and Flower Shirt

Well guys, I made it to round three (and to Seattle!)  I'm off to my sister's to get next week's project finished.  (I started it at home, but wasn't quite able to get it done before I needed to leave.  So, I will be finishing it tonight.)  Wish me luck!  The competition is getting harder and harder!!

With this week's "green" theme, I wanted to focus on something that could be worn all through the spring and summer season, instead of something just for St. Patty's Day.

I planned and half designed three separate outfits before I decided on the direction I wanted to go in this week.  The end result is super fun!!  So girly, but not so dressy that you can't have a good time on the playground.

The shirt is purchased, then embellished with flowers made from jersey and little green (and the occasional yellow) beads.  The skirt, however is made (and designed by me) from scratch.  It originally was planned to be just layers of the green jersey, but as I was making it, it needed a little something "more".  That "more" came in the form of a layer of chiffon and two layers of a pretty damask cotton.  Plus a rolled rosette as an accent.

Would you like to see some close ups of the details?  Ok!  Here ya go!!

Isn't my little model so cute? :)  I asked her if she was doing the "Pledge of Allegiance" in the picture just above.  She said, "Yes."  I love little kids!! :)

Tangents aside, I have to say that I love how this week's project turned out!  I want to make a big(ger) on for me!



  1. Beautiful! I'm good, I picked you again for One Month to win it! I hope you continue to do well! You are doing fabulous projects!

  2. omg what an adorable outfit!! Love it!


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