Friday, March 25, 2011

The Princess Peach Dress

Well guys, I'm out. :( But o-well. This was my entry:

I loved this week's challenge!  Let's be honest; I totally need a challenge like this every week.  Maybe then I'd actually get through my slightly ridiculous stash of fabric.  Maybe.  Please tell me that some of you buy fabric just because it's pretty too?  Quite a bit of what I buy fabric wise is because it's pretty and not necessarily because I have a plan for it... YET.  The "yet" part is important; I always come up with something eventually!!

For this week's "Spring Cleaning" challenge I give you:

Can you tell a six year old named the dress?  Haha!  Super Mario is well loved by the kid's in my life.  Isn't my niece so cute?!  At one point I told her to say "I'm Princess Peach."  Instead she said, "I'm Princess Mario!"  Then cracked up.  She's so funny. :) 

I've had both of these fabrics for a while.  The pink one I got for like two bucks at Savers!!  Thrift stores can be awesome for getting really nice/pretty fabrics for cheap!!  The bridal lace/chiffon I got with a 50% off coupon from Joann's... mostly because I had a 50% off coupon. ;)  And the bunny button's were just some cute buttons I had picked up a while ago.  Together I think they make a pretty cute Easter dress!  (How perfect are the bunny buttons for an Easter dress?!)

All in all, I LOVE the end result of this little dress (that I designed)!  (I think my niece likes it too.) ;)


  1. So pretty! Such a beautiful Easter dress! I'm just loving the lace! I'm a fabric addict, too, and find myself buying fabrics just because they're pretty. It's a little embarassing to admit how much pink fabric is in my craft room, considering I'm the only girl in the house. I signed up for the T-Shirt Diaries' Spring Stashbust, and have been working my way through my stash with that extra motivation.

    Love the dress, and your niece is just adorable, too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's way pretty! And I'm sure you'll win one of these things soon... you're just too talented not to. :)

    There were some other REALLY, REALLY cute things, too, though! I had a really hard time only picking yours b/c I liked those just as much!

    And Caidence looks so big! Did you mail it to her and then have Mara take pictures?


  3. Sorry you didn't make it further! Your dress is beautiful! You did such a nice job!

    Jill of

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I can tell you this: I don't even really sew and sometimes I buy fabric just because it's pretty. Some day I'll learn and be really thankful of my collection. :-)

  5. I loved that dress! I was really surprised when you didn't make it to the next round. It was one of my favorites!

  6. That is such a darling dress. I really like it. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks everybody! :) And, nope Bree, I'm in Seattle! :) I made it at Mara's. It was SO much easier to have Cade there to fit. :)


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