Monday, January 10, 2011

The Completed Project!

Duh duh DUH!!!  It's done!  I can't WAIT to see little {tiny} E in his outfit and snuggled up in his blanket!

Now, since this is my audition piece for Crafting with the Stars and American Crafter, I am going to share each piece of the project.  I'll start with the last piece that I finished, his outfit.  I made this to be a "take-me-home" outfit, so it is teeny tiny.  I was dying when I finished it.  What is it about tiny things that just make you want to stare for hours?
The construction is a kimono style shirt and elastic waisted pants; both in interlock jersey.  I wanted the shirt to open in the front, so that it would be more comfortable for baby E.  (Cause I've never met a newborn that likes having shirts pulled on over their head.) The shirt ties on the inside side and has a sweet little sailboat button on the outside side.

I made a SUPER soft, CRAY warm blanket for him so that he won't freeze in our Utah weather.  I love the binding fabric (it's sari fabric)!!  It really "pops" next to the brown.  I think it MAKES the blanket.  It was a bit difficult to work with, but SOOO worth it.
Here are the sweet, sweet little {tiny} booties that will keep his little tootsies warm and will stay on, because of the (pom-pom) ties at his ankles.  These might be my favorite part of the gift... Well, maybe.  They are made of a silk/bamboo blend that is so. soft.  and it has a beautiful sheen that just seems to make the yarn almost have an inner glow.  I will definitely be using it again.
To round the gift out, I made little E two different hats, a monkey hat and the hat that inspired the gift, a sweet little turquoise hat with dark brown edging and a pom to match.  The monkey hat has my signature button under the chin strap and the turquoise hat is a beanie meant to replace the typical ugly hospital hat they put on babies right after they are born.  Here is the whole set!!

All in the box!

And here is the happy Mama!  Heidi is so cute, she had to 'put it on' him immediately.  haha!  I can't wait to see it on him for real.  (Can you believe she's due in 5 weeks?!  She is SO tiny.  I was a bus by 35 weeks, just sayin.)

This is a trick I use All. The. Time.  I don't love to wrap.  In fact, I kind of dislike it.  So, this is my solution:

Pretty huh?  It's a pre-decorated box!  It's a GREAT presentation and, it's a keepsake box that they can use to keep the special little things they will collect at Little E's birth and beyond.

So there you have it!  A sweet special gift for a sweet special baby.  Can't wait to me you Little E!!!

**All of the pieces in this project are my own patterns, except for the bottoms of the booties, (which I got here) but I completely reworked the top portion on the booties to fit the vision I had in my head.**

Button Redo

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  1. What a lucky little baby . . . and Mommy! Love the colors, too. You're very talented! I'd love to see some of your paintings ;)

    Thanks for the party invite. I need to paint something by tomorrow, I guess!

  2. I wish i knew how to crochet.
    Beautiful you did.
    The knit pants turned out great!!!!

  3. I'm with KathaB, I wish I knew how to crochet....They whole outfit right down to the pretty box is absolutely mom-to-be too.
    I hope we get to see the new little one in his brand new duds!

    Great job!

  4. All of your projects are so adorable! I wish I was decent at crochet...{I barely can sew}...

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice Thursday

    {Please add my party to your sidebar...}


  5. Oh so cute Kimono shirt and pants! I Love the colors so much!
    Can you post a tutorial for the shirt?

  6. All the things you've made for the baby are gorgeous (having a hard time to pick a fave!)and let me say you made a fantastic gift!
    I love how you matched blue and brown and that sari fabric makes the blanket really special!

  7. Wow! Amazing talent! Everything is perfect! I love how the Mommy-to-be "tried it on" baby right away! Too cute!


  8. This is a precious set. Would you be willing to share your crochet patterns?

  9. would you ever consider making these to sell? if so what would be the price? my sister is having twins and the outfits would be so cute for photoshoots with them!!

  10. Oh my goodness! I am in love! You totally decked that sweet little boy out :) I've been looking for a bootie pattern and I think yours are super adorable!

  11. Wow- great job! You're making me baby hungry:) Thanks for auditioning for American Crafter!

  12. I don't know if you noticed or not but I am looking for someone to post about sewing on my blog. You are incredible! Thanks for linking these up!

    Stacy @ Not JUST A Housewife

  13. You are QUITE TALENTED!!!! Please add this to my linky party!

  14. Adorable...all of it. Good luck with the contests.

  15. Oh this is cute too! Thanks again for linking up at Olivia Renn!

  16. So darling! I think I will make and gift this... to myself. :)

  17. ok sO I have been trying to Crochet booties. I am 37 weeks pregnant but for some reason I just cannot seem to get it :( I am determined. Your are very cute! May I ask or the pattern? As well as pattern for the hats and outfit as well. I am having a little boy as well. And the Monkey hat goes perfect with his Safari Them! :)
    Ps I am a new follower.
    My blog is:

  18. Oh. My. Gosh. This is sooooooooo cute! I wish I could sew! This almost makes me want another baby just so I could try to convince you to make one for me! :) teeheehee!

    But seriously, I LOVE this!

    Thanks for linking up!


  19. Super cute! It will be darling on a tiny one!
    I am your newest follower!

  20. Very very precious and thoughtful and special! your friend is so lucky to have you!

    Thank you for linking this up to Fibers on Friday!

  21. I am SO impressed! It all looks so good, and to know that it's all your own patterns just makes it that much better. I need a good tutorial for most of my sewing.

    What a lucky mom/baby!

  22. It all looks so great! I bet she loved it all (and your right, she looks WAY tiny, I'm also a bus when pregnant) Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesdays!

  23. I am in awe! This collection is absolutely amazing. What a lucky baby. I am tickled pink for sure!

  24. This whole set.. each and every piece is so darn adorable! Really well done!! Glad I am finding you through A Girl in Paradise!!

  25. Ok, now why weren't you invited to my baby shower?! ;o) Love each item!
    happy crafting!


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