Monday, January 24, 2011

This is what happens when I try to blog when Eme's awake... aka: It seems I have a food thief.

Someone is getting bigger and that means that someone can reach things that he once couldn't...  Like the last few candy canes from TOP of Daddy's desk.

Sorry that some of these are blurry.  My camera just isn't fast enough to catch my little man in action (obviously I need a DSLR. lol.) but, I still thought the pictures were cute and decided to include them regardless of the blur factor.  Some of them, ok, one  of them actually looks really cool because it is blurry.  Well, I think it looks cool, but it's possible I'm biased.

I think this one is hysterical.

I wish this one had turned out.  Boo.  This is when he realize he was 'caught'.  haha.

This is the one I think looks cool regardless of the blur factor.  haha!  Maybe I'm crazy?!  Maybe not?
Now, to prove I'm not a completely horrible mother, he also swiped some sweet potatoes from a too low fruit/vegetable basket.
Umm. Yum?
He also had a good time with my apples.  He's done this a few times.  I need to get a hanging basket so that he can't keep doing this.  Not that I'm opposed to his eating apples, I'm just opposed to him dropping 3 or 4 apples on the ground before choosing which one he's going to take a few randomly placed bites from.  I hate bruised apples and at this point, I'm not sure that I have any unbruised apples left. :(
I {heart} this one!

O-well.  At least he's cute.

This next one is another new trick of his...  The food thief is cute and silly (and sometimes sticky.)  But this climbing monkey scared the pants off me!   (But apparently not enough to take him down before taking a picture...)  I assure you that this chair has since been moved to a place that he can no longer climb on!

Doesn't he look SUPER proud of himself??  Oy.
I think there is a saying...  "When the cat's asleep the mice will play." 

Fitting?  Prolly.  {sigh.}

I think I need to adopt this mantra: "When the BABY'S asleep THEN Mommy can play {aka: blog.}"

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  1. Well the poor thing was obviously just hungry! Like every other man (including my big one and little one) he's learning early to open drawers, cabinets and eventually the fridge and just stand and stare....what they're looking at who knows....they're not even hungry, it's just habit and I believe this is how it starts....oooo a candy cane, yum a whole raw sweet potato....they don't really want it but there it is sooooo they have to have it :) {sigh} sorry my dear, it's inevitable


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