Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seam Ripping...

...the original do something, achieve NOTHING task. :P

Currently accepting hints, tips, tricks, ANYTHING that will help with sewing jersey knits on a basic machine.

OR!  If anyone happens to have the four to five hundred dollars I need to buy a serger just laying around, I'll accept that too. ;)

Thanks all!!


  1. zig zag stitch.
    What type pf machine you have.
    Mine is not an expensive one but it does have a stretch stitch.

  2. I have a bottom of the line Singer. I've thought about using a zigzag, but don't love the look of it. I want a clean hem. I did get a strech needle last night, but it almost seams (ha!!) ok really, seems like it's worse rather then better. :( I also put in some interfacing, which hasn't really helped either. BLAH! At this point, I'm thinking about putting in a thin strip of cotton weave, which I know would take away the stretch, but would give me a clean hem. I'm not sure that the stretch really matters at the hem anway. They are tiny little take me home pants for a friend's soon to be newborn. So, it's not like they're gonna get beat up or even moved around in that much... I know this won't work for the waistband though.

  3. Hemming is the hardest part.
    i personally, HATE sewing with knits but i do i have a serger.

    i guess a ballpoint needle works better and if you have a stitch like this one ---v---v--- it seems to make it more flat or i would just leave the edge raw but that is because i dont like sewing with knits. I would never like an edge raw on woven but that is just a personal choice.
    Ohhh... have you thought of making a band for the edge of the leg pants instead of hemming?
    That way you dont have to deal with the hemming and you can do zigzag and still looks "clean". Just a thought. :D

  4. I zig zag and loosen the tension of my thread as much as possible.

  5. Kathy, a band could work... I like your train of thought!


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