Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Dress

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This is a trial/muslin of a pattern I'm working on.  This is the first "go" and there are some obvious problems, but still, all in all, I think it'll be pretty cute once I get the kinks worked out. :)

(Do you recognize the fabric?  I know I said that I was going to make a skirt out of it, but there's a TON of fabric, so I decided to use some of it on this little dress.  I'll still be making a skirt at some point!)

The neck line is rather large, but, I plan to add a casing and ribbon to it so that it is cinch down-able.  The arms are longer then I want them to be, so, I'll be shortening those the next time.  Also, you'll probably have noticed that the under arm seam is a bit wonky.  Here have a look:

That will need to be fixed as well.  This is why I do muslins people!  So that I get the kinks out before I destroy the nice pretty fabric that I have planned for the final dress.  Not that this fabric isn't nice and pretty... ;) 

The last detail that needs some fixing is that I plan on making this dress bubble just a bit, not like big and puffy, just a little bit ruffle-y.  (Does that make sense at all?  It looks good in my head...)  So, that means I need to make the outer layer a bit wider at the bottom then the inner layer.  I'll share more as this process unfolds it's self.

Designing is FUN!! :)

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  1. Totally adorable! Great idea "practicing" on muslin, too.

  2. It looks cute. I all make my "Muslin" on cute fabric just in case it works out.

  3. this is PRECIOUS! You always come up with the cutest things!

  4. LOVE that cute. Great dress.

  5. It looks good! Can't wait to see the final dress. I haven't designed anything yet, but I have some images hopping around in my head. Have a great night! I am a new follower. :)

  6. This is soo sweet! I love the flowers and the simplicity! Hope you will share with the Pink Hippo Party @

  7. so that fabric...makes me want to have a baby to make teeny tiny things! you did a fantastic job!!!!


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